About the blog

I started this blog hoping to write regularly about food chemistry topics. I managed for a little while, but other pursuits took over: writing new books (currently fiction), promoting my second book (a memoir of a cross-country bicycle trip), and working as a freelance editor. While I don’t have time to research brand new topics, I do continue to learn about bread-making, and I use this blog to post new tidbits I learn. If you subscribe, you will get an email each time I post (not too often).

About the author

I always hated lab work. What I like most about chemistry is explaining topics using accessible language and images. I originally started this blog as a place to share food-related topics that I look into. I hope to continue to do that as well as to write about other stuff.

My interest in food chemistry began with my first job after grad school: bread baker. Wondering about the chemistry of the dough led me back to the university libraries. I began teaching bread classes, and the students wanted to know about yeast and fermentation and gluten. Eventually I compiled what I’d learned both about the science of dough and about bread-making into a book: Bread Science.

I’m always slightly uncomfortable with the title of “expert.” I wondered what I had to contribute. I decided to publish this blog anyway. If it generates more questions than it answers, that’s the start of a good discussion.

You can read more about me and my other work on my website: http://emilybuehler.com/.